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The Kachoo Club has launched and memberships are no longer available for sale. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. Stay tuned for further updates.
The Kachoo Club is a Digital Members Club created by Lulu Kachoo, a luxury jewellery designer based in London with a global reputation. This project will consist of a limited number of unique founding membership cards based on design inspiration from Lulu.
Lulu Kachoo
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Lifetime discount to online store
As a member of the Kachoo Club, you have access to a 20% Lifetime Discount exclusive to Digital Membership holders. Following the NFT sale, members are able to connect their wallet to the website and access prices lower than the retail price, the use of which is uncapped.
NFT drops: artist collaborations
The LK team is in discussions with various artists about future NFT collaborations, which members will be eligible for.
Preferential rates on bespoke design
LK specialises in bespoke items for clients across the globe, which members can access at a preferential rate.
Club merchandise: collaborations
LK is in discussions with artists and brands about limited edition collaborations, which will be exclusively available to Kachoo Club members.
Club events
LK regularly hosts events with industry professionals and clients. NFT holders will be able to access Kachoo Club members-only events in the future.
Limited edition physical designs
LK will be creating bespoke jewellery pieces which will be available exclusively to holders.
Diamond Baguette Cross Giveaway
One lucky membership holder will be in with a chance of winning jewellery worth $3,000.



Lulu Magrath

Founder and Creative Director
Founded Lulu Kachoo in 2012. Responsible for creative direction of Lulu Kachoo jewellery brand and Kachoo Club.

Rory Magrath

Founded Lulu Kachoo in 2012. Advisor to Lulu Kachoo jewellery brand and Kachoo Club.

BMAS Agency

Digital Agency
Founded in 2013 by Alexander Hawkings-Byass and Marcus Edgworth, BMAS Agency is a full serviced digital marketing agency based in London.
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The Kachoo Club has a dedicated team to ensure that value is consistently delivered to its members. Join our social channels:
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The Kachoo Club membership is delivered through an NFT. NFT is short for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is a term that you could use to describe physical items like a ring, a necklace, or your macbook. These things are not interchangeable for other items because they have unique properties.

NFTs are tokens that can be used to represent ownership of a unique item. They let us tokenise things like Kachoo Club Memberships. There can only ever be one official owner of each membership at one time. They're secured by the Ethereum blockchain – this cannot be changed or copied.

Think of the Kachoo Club membership as a luxurious piece of art which gives you benefits.

Once you have bought/minted your NFT. You will need to go to and connect your wallet. The NFT will be shown here.